All stamping is positioned in the lower right-hand corner of front cover and is $10 per line

Below is the average maximum amount of characters that will fit per point size.

14 pt- CAPS 20 characters
18 pt- CAPS 17 characters
24 pt- CAPS 14 characters
36 pt- CAPS 9 characters
14 pt- upper/lower 28 characters
18 pt- upper/lower 24 characters
24 pt- upper/lower 18 characters
36 pt- upper/lower 12 characters

Please note that the following default specifications will be used when any of the information is not specified as a special order:

  • All stamping will match gilding and ring finish (gold or silver).
  • All stamping is positioned in the lower right-hand corner of the front cover. Other placements are available for an additional setup charge.
  • Unless the CAPS box is checked, we will stamp in Upper and Lower Case type.
  • Initials will not have periods unless part of a spelled-out line.
  • Multiple lines are stamped center aligned in the lower right corner.
  • Indicate "and" or "&". Ampersands (&) will be used when not indicated or if space savings requires it.
  • We recommend Initials ONLY for Crocodile Embossed Leathers.
  • You may specify the exact size of personalization or allow Graphic Image to choose the most appropriate size for you. We recommend the later course and must have any direction different then our recommended sizes in writing. To choose your own size please add your choice to the order comments section on check out.
  • Please review your personalization request carefully, Graphic Image can not accept returns on personalized merchandise.
As with any Graphic Image order, never hesitate to call us with any special needs you may have: 1-800-232-5550.