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Top Products
It's the only thing I really want...
Some products never get old and sometimes can't be improved upon. Graphic Image diaries and agendas have stood the test of time and today are unchallenged as the house brand at almost every important store in this category.

You can't go wrong with...
From luggage tags on up, our leather travel products provide enjoyable function and prestige for almost any gift budget. Challenge us to provide the gift with the flavor of an exotic retreat or a famous city or event.

The everyday luxury...
Whether it be everyday note-taking, journal writing or business use, we still need a place to write things down. By attaching your identity to one of these writing experiences, you not only plant yourself in your customer's visual consciousness, but you do so all day long as they handle one of their most personal and favored possessions.

Form follows function, but doesn't have to...
Graphic Image tech cases stand at the crossroads of style and function; and to this we add a third quality: presentation. As a corporate gift, your name on the product is known first and foremost to the user, and possibly visible to others as well.

Albums and Frames
Still the best way to save and share pictures...
Graphic Image can meet your album needs whether they be digital, decorative or functional. There is no better way to capture an event and we can manage every aspect of their production using state of the art photo development combined with traditional leather bookbinding.

Business Accessories
Presentation and appearance...
Our business card cases, notepads, desk top and personal accessories can be produced in many different leathers and are easily identified with their retail counterpart but without the cost. For a modestly attainable quantity, you can select your own leather from the dozens of available options stocked in our own factory on Long Island.