Brooks Brothers Desk Diary

a beloved customer

Brooks Brothers


It was 53 years ago – in 1969 – that Bennett Glazer started Graphic Image. One of his first major production assignments came from Brooks Brothers, who commissioned him to create their own datebook. The original Brooks Brothers datebook was highly popular and continued uninterrupted until the company’s bankruptcy filing in 2020. Detail-minded customers who examined the Graphic Image name printed inside the diary were pleased to find a similarly-formatted diary page they could now use, along with an upgraded leather cover. The sleeker and stronger sewn binding of the Graphic Image diary replaced the form of plastic binding, generic to the Brooks Brothers Diary, that prevailed throughout its history. Graphic Image’s pocket diary is all but identical to the original Brooks Brothers diary, but has been improved with an upgraded cover offering a wider range of leathers and colors.

While we no longer make these datebooks for Brooks Brothers, we do make datebooks every year in a wide array of leathers. Check back during the end of the year to see our collection of leathers.