Our traditional soft calfskin is considered among the finest full-grain leathers in the world. An album or journal bound in it will be kept a lifetime, growing more beautiful as it is used. All at once sturdy, soft and supple, handling alone will impress upon the owner the inherent value of the product. Because it is suited to so many uses, most products made by Graphic Image are available in traditional leathers.

Traditional colors include black, brown, British tan, green, blue and red.

The Brights Collection is genuine goatskin - the time-honored leather of fine bookbinding. In addition to its superb strength, goatskin offers a supple hand and beautiful appearance to accessories and small leather goods.

Brights colors include lime, red, orange, pink, turquoise, yellow, mocha, purple and green.

Italy's finest producer of exotic prints on calfskin creates this unforgettable embossing and color on a product that is indistinguishable from its authentic namesake. Layers of hand-stained color under a glass finish capture the essence of what the leather technicians call "Classic Croc."

Crocodile colors include pink, orange, bottle green, brown, blue and black.

This collection is genuine goatskin - stylish and functional with a grain as soft as it is distinctive.

Metallic colors include white gold and silver.

Our Saffiano Collection is fun and fashionable in a variety of colors. This collection is a high quality material from Italy.

Saffiano colors include orange, lime, purple, pink, aqua, silver and gold.

Our Rustico Collection is classic and traditional. Our best selling synthetic is available in black and brown.

Rustico colors include brown and black.

Our Neon Collection is a state-of-the-art synthetic from Italy which is strong, fun and has fashion appeal in a variety of colors

Neon colors include yellow, orange and pink.